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Welcome to Tracklab

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

TrackLab is an app which enables Shopify store owners to set targets, and get notified when they land.Set your daily, weekly or monthly goals and track them on your iOS device.

Why we built TrackLab

When you launch a store, analytics are one the first things you need to get a handle on. But, it's often tedious, and difficult to get the the important information, amongst a sea of metrics.


TrackLab is designed to look nice, to be easy to use and show the info you need in an instant


We believe data should empower. Make better business decisions, based on facts, not fiction


With Tracklab, you can create an share beautiful sales reports to clients, colleagues and more

export sales data and share it with those who need to know.

A Shopify first solution. We love Shopify, and noticed that the reporting tools Shopify offer, didn't quite excite.

Easily install the App from the Shopify App Store, and then app the companion apps, for iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. TrackLab has been designed to send perfectly timed notifications that help you reach your store targets.

Get early access to TrackLab, by sending us a message.

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